About us

We are professional dog groomers and have been for decades. Taking extreme pride in our compassion and grooming abilities both in the show and pet industries, We hope to inspire and aid other groomers who want to seek out and utilize ways to make themselves better artists.

Teaching others the trade is also our passion. We believe the method of lifting the back of  your clipper blade creates a superior quality finish in a faster amount of time. 

Keeping that in mind, we wanted our first product to be one that, speeds up the grooming process, creates a beautiful finish and is enjoyable for the dog, now we have it. We are so encouraged with the ASA's success, we have started plans for the ASA 5 and ASA 4.

We love what we do very much. We do not judge a good groomer by their ability to groom a pretty dog. To us, a good groomer is one who can take a dog with faults, gain their trust, rehabilitate unnecessary behavior eventually turning a dogs perspective of a haircut into something enjoyable. 

From all of us at Anagen CS, we would like to thank you for everything you do. Your compassion, skills and empathy are everything. Help us spread the word, Anagen CS is the future of innovation.