Hello and thank you for taking time to check out the all New ASA no.7. Some answers to frequently asked questions can be found below.

Q 1. How do you put the ASA on the blade?

A 1.Take off On Q Brush by pulling straight back. Pointing the ASA away from you, press the button on the back to open.  Place one side of the ASA on the no.7 F or 7 skip tooth clipper blade by sliding the small steel tab between the cutting blade while sliding the large tab under the blade tension spring and over the nut. Your front hook and slot combine with the opposing side. Close like a book clicking the larger rear hook into the corresponding slot. 

Q 2. Will the ASA get in my way or weigh my clippers down?

A 2. The new ASA 7, when assembled has a much different feel than what most are accustomed. Although the feel of the clippers in motion is slightly different, marketing feedback suggests no, you "can't even tell its on there". There is a learning curve to the ASA as there is with any new tool. Read the instructions, give yourself a few weeks to become comfortable then let us know what you think. We take all legit feedback seriously.

Q 3. Is this uncomfortable for a dog?

A 3. Applying gentle pressure on the bottom back half of the ASA, also referred to as (the footer), when driving the ASA forward creates a very small unique role of skin, technically called (hypodermic layer of tissue) in between the blade tip and the ASA. This small rolling motion of skin precisely feeds hair into the clipper blade. The pressure you apply on the "footer" transfers vibration to the dog creating a stone massage-like feeling. We strongly suggest trying different pressures and movements on your forearm to find a nice comfortable feeling.

Q 4. Will the ASA 7 work on all hair textures? 

A 4. The ASA 7 is an upgrade option for the no.7 blade BUT is limited to the capability of a no.7.  In 95% of  side by side tests ,using a no.7 blade with the ASA attached out preformed a no.7 blade without the ASA. After connecting the On Q Brush accessory, this tool combination simply put, feels great for the dog, speeds up productivity and creates the absolute best finish a no.7 blade can produce with very little effort. Curly hair mostly self corrects with a velvet like finish. Wavy and especially straight hair benefit from the use of the ASA. Every tool has some exceptions, the ASA is no different.  It works better on some dogs than others. We suggest if you don't think its preforming at its best, take it off and try a regular no.7. There is a difference.

Q 5. Will the ASA 7 go through matted hair? 

A 5. No. The ASA 7 is NOT designed to clip matted hair. When possible, we suggest clipping with a no.5 blade first and finish with the ASA.7. The finish of an ASA7 is smoother than the finish of a no.5 blade.

Q 6. What is the ASA no.7 made of, will it melt or break?

A 6. The core of the ASA is ABS ( plastic) and hollow to be lightweight. The clips are steel and designed not to come off until the user removes them. The ASA 7 is tough but, not invincible. The biggest danger of breaking is being dropped attached to a clipper. Keep all connections strong  only remove the blade for sharpening. IMPORTANT : The user should often test the blade heat! SAFTY FIRST!! Coolants and lubricants are safely used on the ASA 7

Q 7. When should I put on and use the On Q brush?

A 7. Allow yourself time to practice without the On-Q brush attached. Hold a finger or two on the back part of the footer to adjust to the feel of the pressure variation. Hint: You can safely apply pressure to the back half of the footer to produce the wave of skin that feeds hair into the clipper blade without causing discomfort to the dog. Once you feel comfortable, add the brush for ruffing up the hair to  re-clip, blend or erase clipper lines.

Q 8. Should I  pre-clip with the no 7, and  finish with the ASA 7?

A 8. If the user pre-clips a dog using a no.7, (after the bath and blow dry) It is possible depending the coat of the dog and the condition, this may not leave enough hair length to work with. See  

Q 9. Will the ASA 7 fit other size blades? 

A 9. No. The ASA no.7 is specifically designed and calibrated for use on the no.7f and no.7 skip tooth blades. The ASA no.4 and 5 are in design and will be available in the future. 

Q 10. What are the silicone bands for?

A 10. Not all no.7 blades are identical in size. They all slightly vary by millimeters. This happens in the process of repetitive production and differs through out every blade manufacturer.  The  silicone bands help secure and quiet the loose-fitting blades that are on the smaller side of the standard no.7's. These bands may be removed for blades that are on the larger side.

Q 11. Can I clip legs with the ASA 7?

A 11. The ASA no.7 preforms best on larger areas of the body. The back of the neck to the tail,  shoulders to elbows and hips to hocks. Although the ASA 7 has been used on other areas  it is  recommended and designed ONLY for the saddle/ jacket.

Q 12. Do I hold the the clippers the same way without the ASA?

A 12. As most grooming guides stress when learning to groom, there is a degree of tilt that should be applied to the position of the clipper blade for proper clipping. Contrary to what we use to believe, it has been proven that a degree of tilt applied to a clipper blade produces a finer finish to clipped hair then a blade held flat. With hundreds of side by side tests, the ASA no.7 has been designed and manufactured at precise angel for the no.7 to help the user keep a consistent degree of tilt on the clipping blade producing a smooth, consistent finely textured finish. A degree of tilt should be applied to every clipping blade and every blades tilt will be different. The ASA no.7 will keep this precise degree of tilt for the no.7 blade consistent for the user while in use. In the beginning stages of product development it was clear we wanted our first product to be something that would aid the professional groomer and help educate the new grooming students. Using our strong points, compassion and education we now present ASA no.7.

          Additionally, here at ANAGEN CS we clip and teach to clip using both hands. 1 hand to clip and the other to simultaneously stretch out or "move" the skin. Stretching the skin is very important when considering the dogs comfort. We advise stretching and or moving the skin away from bony areas such as shoulders, hips, ribs etc... In some areas turning the dogs body away from the clipping area will naturally stretch the skin.  CRUCIAL ADVICE: Never apply pressure to the blade tip only the bottom back footer of the ASA. If you allow your clippers to tilt forward this will transfer pressure from the ASA to the blade. THIS IS UNCOMFORTABLE FOR THE DOG AND  YOU WILL "GASH" THE HAIR!.  

Q 13. Why are the pins on the On Q Brush upside-down? 

13. When pins face up on a brush they can be used for the technique known as back-brushing. when the art of back-brushing is used the upward facing pins on a brush pick up all the hair up in its path. When re-clipping hair that has been back-brushed it is clipped shorter. The pins on the ON-Q brush face down intentionally. Downward facing pins allow for the technique of "ruffing up"or "putting air in the hair." This is done the same way as back brushing but has a different result. This art doesn't simultaneously pick all the hair up as stated above, it rearranges the lay of the hair to keep a consistent clipping length. This technique can also erase clipper lines and blend areas.

Q 14. Is the ASA patented? 

A 14.  YES. We have patented the ASA no.7 intentionally. We have put tremendous effort into the ASA no.7's unique and innovative design and we will defend our property rights to the fullest extent against infringers.

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